The Causes of the American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a war that emerged from a wide variety of causes that emanated from both the political, social and economic aspects of American the society. This paper comprehensively analyzes the causes of this revolution in the United States of America being a colony of Great Britain at a time where it felt to be part and parcel of the European Union hence. The finalizes by providing an analysis of the impacts that this particular revolution caused to the American society in terms of its political aspect, economical context and the social formation that are still linked to the current United States of America today.


The American Revolution is one of the memorable historic events in not only the political, social and economic aspects of the United States of American but also to other countries in the world since some of it effects were wide spread affecting other countries either positively or negatively (Baker, 620).  Also known as United States War of independence or American Revolutionary War, this revolution took place in a 1775-1783 where 13 colonies of The Great Britain that inhabited the northern part of America won the political independence which eventually resulted to the present United States of America. Historians are yet to establish the actual or root cause that triggered the occurrence of this war that had everlasting effects on the United States of America. However, there exist various valid reasons that were linked to the emergence of this war as well as impacting both positively and negatively to the United States of American societies, effects that are still being witnessed today reshaping the entire nation of America (Rebecca).


There was no single event that caused the American Revolution but instead was as a result of a series of causes that happen generally in the entire nation of American as a colony. One of the major causes the revolution was the Americans way of thinking. Basically, the revolution emerged as a result of the unfair treatment that the Americans were receiving from Britain colony yet they felt they were entitled to be given equal rights that the rest of the Englishmen were receiving (Hebb 40).  Great Britain, on the other hand, felt that America was a colony just like any other colony that it had conquered and believed that they were slaves and were to be used in the best suited to the crown and parliament. This caused the Americans to greatly use the sentiment that there could be no taxation without representation. In addition to that other European Union Members such as Spain started showing their efforts in support to the Americans, an aspect that triggered more events, rebellions and  and wars between the Americans and the British Soldiers. The 18th century was a century that saw the emergence of independent thinks such as Thomas Hobbes, Baron de Montesquieu, and John Locke emerge to question the role of the then politics of the Great Britain government as well as the role of the church. These philosophers started influencing the entire American society through their writings which saw the emergence of protest as well as groups that resisted the demands of the Britain government such as it harsh taxation policy and it related Acts such as the Currency Act, Sugar, and the Tea Act (Washington 45).

Another crucial cause that caused the America revolution was the Freedom and Restrictions of Location. The geography of America was itself a factor that triggered the revolution due to its closeness to Britain (Hebb 52). Britain as a country created independence that was inevitable as those who had the interest to colonize the emerging world that had a strong independent line with a philosophical desire to possess new opportunities.  In addition to that, the inappropriate control of government greatly triggered the existence of the revolution. The presence of colonial legislatures implied that colonies were independent of the crown hence the legislatures were allowed to levy taxes, pass laws, and muster troops.  With time these became rights of the colonists in America (Giles 44). However, Britain established mechanisms to curtail these elected bodies since they felt this matter was a local concern. This helped trigger more events as the Americans continued rebelling.

The economic troubles that the Americans suffered from under Britain as its colonist greatly contributed to the rebellion hence revolution (Washington 60). Britain had greatly adopted mercantilism whereby it acquired more resources from its colonies that were to be transported to Britain without engaging in any tradeoffs. This as a result of Britain loss of lots of resources in the Indian and French wars hence demanded to make this up for this loss through high taxes that were evident in the Currency Act it established in 1764 and the Sugar Act. The Sugar Act increased the considerable taxes charged on molasses as well as restricting the exportation of any products to other countries apart from Britain alone (Baker 620). Thus the Native Americans feeling underrepresented, restricted to trade, overtaxed adopted the demand that no taxation would be enabled without representation hence the formation of the Boston Tea Party.

Finally the corruption and inefficiency control by the British control which becomes more apparent as the year went increased more demands for a better America through the revolution (Hebb 63). This was greatly contributed by the more freedom that was given to the British soldiers who in turn were corrupt and mistreated the Americans on the little properties they possessed. Due to the high corruption level, Boston Lawyer inflamed Americans after he lost his fight for constitutional rights leading to the fourth amendments in the US constitution. Furthermore, the British Criminal Justice System was also crucial in triggering these events.  This system handled trade and commerce that were controlled by the British army that was governed and controlled from overseas (Washington 65). The Americans also used this to their advantage by igniting fires of rebellion to be able to deal with the British government’s crooked system.

Effects of the American Revolution

Considering that the Native Americans strived to be free just like other countries in Europe, both the political, economic and social aspects of America as a nation experienced deformities that reshaped the entire nation after the end of the revolution (Hebb 63). Basing on the social aspect, it separated colonies starting from England as well as solidifying the relationships of Americana and other European powers since most of the countries declined having relationships with any country colonized by Britain due to the mercantilism nature of Britain.  African American’s present in in USA today was as a result of this revolution. This was contributed by the British act of enticing slaves who were majorly Africans to join and support them in the revolt so as to be given freedom upon completion of the war. The British used the slaves especially women to take care of their troops along battle paths whereby they helped the soldiers with food and necessary through the entire revolution (Washington 86). However, upon the end of the war, these slaves who survived the war settled in America. The role and position of women in society was another element that was greatly affected by them during and after the revolution. As men went to war to fight, women were left behind to man and take care of the property as evident by Abigail Adams and other women whose husbands were killed in the rebellious protests against the British soldiers. Upon attaining independence, there were a significant number of women who had equal status as men in the society due to wealth possession.

There existed a huge toll on the American economy and that of other colonies. Colonies that were in conflict with Britain broke trade ties with America making money that entered into their countries to plunge (Middlekauff 56). There existed little businesses that performed better during the war while others shut down due to massive debts and the inability of the currency to circulate in the economy which affected the general American economy. The Congressional bills of credit which were being printed at 1.5 to I piece of gold before the war increased to 150 to 1 piece of gold implying that the economy was inflated. With this currency, prices rose and taxation followed closely towards that end of the revolution that created more difficulties for American residents (Baker 620).  . The destruction of property and wealth whereby most of the British advance weapons used by the soldier destroyed property that had been established by early America residents.

American was one of the countries that established elaborate and efficient constitutions after its independence due to the efforts that they had developed towards the establishment of their rights, enlightenment deals and finally the proper role that the government had to play (Baker 647). In addition to that, the revolution led to the inclusion of more men in the political arena with Yeoman farmers and urban artisans occupying more of the elective positions in northern states. In many aspects, those groups have come to represent the ideal American citizens today such as John Crockett who was a poor frontier farmer and now a magistrate. To the minorities, the revolution played a significant job in creating demand for more educated men in the government hence the role of women especially mothers was elevated through being employed as primary teachers under the republican motherhood (Hebb 90). The African slaves who late became African Americans started trusting in the United States of Americas freedom although the civil war and constitutional rights that favored them came after 81 years later.


The American Revolution is one of the most memorable historical events that reshaped the current United States of America upon getting its independence and freedom. Although its origin has mixed views, the American Revolution emerged from factors such as the independent thinking of Americans, the criminal justice of Britain, corruption and control and economic troubles that greatly devasted the lives of American under the control of Britain through its soldiers. This ended up creating effects that affected both the political, social and economic aspects of the American society which are some of which are still being felt today. These included elevating the role of women in the American nation, destruction of property, establishment of a stable government that was able to cater for all groups in the society as well as the existence of the African Americans in America.

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