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121 views 9 pages ~ 2277 words
Agreements on International Trade

Agreements on International Trade The world has seen economic booms in recent decades, resulting in the emergence of new...

64 views 2 pages ~ 310 words
Global capitalism and freedom

When the political and economic structure in which free markets and companies are centered on private control for profit...

345 views 4 pages ~ 1202 words
Is NAFTA Good For US Workers?

This essay explains the details of the North American Free Trade Agreement, also known as NAFTA. Its benefits and impact on the United States ar...

113 views 5 pages ~ 1345 words
Global economic cooperation

Since the United States and China are at different levels of transformation, their industrial policies complement each o...

248 views 2 pages ~ 276 words
Monopolistic market

The monopolistic economy is one in which there is only one primary producer. Items found in a monopolistic market are th...

84 views 2 pages ~ 328 words
Inbound tourism

Inbound tourism refers to the activity of tourists traveling to locations outside their natural area for a period of no ...

257 views 7 pages ~ 1716 words
Сhina trade policy analysis

Over the last three decades, China has gone from being a minor player in global trade to being the world's largest tradi...

193 views 7 pages ~ 1653 words
Open skies

The United States government has long advocated for the implementation of open skies policies in order to reduce governm...

155 views 4 pages ~ 915 words
Trading between nations

Trading within one's own country (domestic trade) is inherently separate from trade with countries, and is often referre...

225 views 5 pages ~ 1362 words
U.S. to Probe Steel Imports Trade

Schlesinger, Ballhaus, and Mauldin evaluate the Trump administration's plan to launch widespread hearings to decide whet...

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