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80 views 4 pages ~ 984 words
The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else

The book's work by Chrystia Freeland offers a fresh perspective on how to evaluate the economic disparity in the contemp...

234 views 3 pages ~ 675 words
Affordable Housing in Canada

The federal government defines unaffordable housing as that which exceeds 30% of a person's income. That puts a two-bedroom apartment rental...

456 views 4 pages ~ 899 words
Emergency Universal Basic Income - Costs, Impact, and Tax Implications

If you are considering signing up for an emergency UBI, you need to understand the costs and effects of the program. In this article, we'll ...

267 views 4 pages ~ 917 words
Income inequality in the United States Cause and Effect

Over the last few decades, income inequality in America has risen dramatically. In comparison to other developing countr...

102 views 4 pages ~ 942 words
Causes and Consequences of rising Income Inequality in the USA.

In America, wage inequality has grown sharply in the last 30 years. One-quarter of all Americans earn less than $10 per ...

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