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199 views 6 pages ~ 1545 words
The American Attitudes Towards Same-Sex Marriages in the 21st Century

The American attitudes towards same-sex marriage in the 21st century have become more complex and contentious with sever...

92 views 4 pages ~ 957 words
Puritan Influence on American Culture

Puritanism through its origin in the church of England, both brought forward and reformed the American culture. Puritani...

69 views 3 pages ~ 717 words
America Imagine Life without her

D'Souza, Dinesh Political commentator and filmmaker, the creator of "America Imagine Life Without Her," also writes book...

234 views 4 pages ~ 933 words
Native American Depictions in the U.S

There is a tendency in the U.S. to be a perception that the use of Native American depictions is acceptable and benign, ...

162 views 4 pages ~ 925 words
Analysis of the images and topics in advertising and popular television or cinema

Worldwide, American culture is powerful and pervasive. It is strong, and there is some concern that it will erode other ...

288 views 5 pages ~ 1263 words
Mexican and Dominican Americans' educational attainment

Mexican Americans and Dominican Americans have gotten various types of education in the United States in an effort to ov...

151 views 6 pages ~ 1610 words
America and the Decline of Hitchhiking. Thesis, Wesleyan University, 2015.

This source investigates the decline of hitchhiking to the point of obscurity in American society. The author examines t...

84 views 8 pages ~ 1947 words
T.R. Reid

T.R. Reid and his family traveled the world the American way before relocating to Japan due to a job advancement. Howeve...

157 views 2 pages ~ 353 words
research paper about a career in academia

The purpose of this study paper is to look into the biases in American institutions that deter conservatives from pursui...

66 views 4 pages ~ 933 words
The Role of Women in Society

The book investigates the problem of women's changing roles in American culture. Contrary to the major determinants of g...

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