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294 views 3 pages ~ 769 words
The Role of The Carolingian Dynasty in the Development of Early Medieval Art

The history of the Carolingian dynasty is very much linked to the evolution of early medieval civilization in Western Eu...

223 views 3 pages ~ 735 words
Artistic Response to War Project: “The Sortie Made by the Garrison of Gibraltar”

The artwork “Sortie made by the Garrison of Gibraltar” is an oil-on-canvas painting by the American Artist John Trumbull...

140 views 4 pages ~ 978 words
Ancient Greek Art of War

Warfare used to be a usual occurrence in both the ancient Rome and Greek and thus war was a familiar theme in most of th...

175 views 3 pages ~ 562 words
Mimbres Pottery

Mimbre pottery can be traced back to the year 1000 to 1250 AD, where they occupied an isolated river and mountains in so...

131 views 4 pages ~ 903 words
Comparison of Greek and Roman Art

Greece and Rome ancient art and architecture plays a crucial role in the history of western arts. This has led to the es...

214 views 3 pages ~ 622 words
The Renaissance and Humanism

Michelangelo’s David represents humanism and religion of the renaissance period. The sculpture was created during the re...

158 views 3 pages ~ 632 words
The Meaning of The Triptych Bosch's The Garden Of Earthly Delights

In his work, Bosch talks about “The Garden of Earthly Delights" which means the contemporary title offered to a triptych...

97 views 6 pages ~ 1385 words
The Theban Western Desert

The discovery of the Theban Western Desert during the time of the Theban expansion opens up new frontiers to historic an...

288 views 2 pages ~ 525 words
The Role of Cave Drawings in The Prehistoric Period

Discuss Some of the Possible Explanations for The Roles That Cave Drawings Played in The Daily Lives of the People Who C...

170 views 6 pages ~ 1430 words
The Renaissance and Philosophy

The Renaissance, the time that extends extra or less from the center of the 14th century to the beginning of the sevente...

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