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Present Day Removal of Historic Statues in America

A civic memorial serves to commemorate anyone or someone, not to preserve history. The Confederate States of America ere...

221 views 3 pages ~ 615 words
The Myth of Pygmalion

A sculptor from Cyprus named Pygmalion fell in love with an ivory statue of a woman. To fulfill his high expectations, Pygmalion set out to crea...

224 views 4 pages ~ 1080 words
Maya Lin - Sculptor and Designer

The works of Maya Lin are rarely ostentatious or gaudy. She rarely aims to shock or offend her audience. Instead, she hopes to make them think c...

265 views 3 pages ~ 701 words
Charging Bull in New York City

One of the masterpieces in things art in New York City is the Charging Bull. Some refer to the magnificent sculpture as ...

265 views 5 pages ~ 1181 words
Sarcophagus of Dionysus's Triumph

It is incredible how a simple visit to the museum can have an impact on the thinking of a student about artwork as well ...

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