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133 views 5 pages ~ 1207 words
Was Chris McCandless Journey A Success?

Many people have no qualms about making their dreams a reality, even though it means dying, and Christopher McCandless i...

265 views 3 pages ~ 589 words
Fine arts introducing

The humanities are the study of how people process and record their experiences. It can also be described as cultural as...

150 views 3 pages ~ 582 words
Graphic Design Artistic Statement

There are many developments taking place in the modern world at the same time. This is particularly true in terms of inn...

118 views 2 pages ~ 382 words
Can Design Change The World?

Literally, design implies "development" or "construction." Plan, scheme, entity, and visual creation, as well as some ob...

73 views 9 pages ~ 2201 words
The Influence of Mayan/ Aztec Culture on Modern Chicano art

Culture is defined as the social behavior and norms found in human social orders. Culture may also be characterized as a...

126 views 4 pages ~ 958 words
Rhetorical Essay on the Da Vinci Code

The Da VinciCode, Dan Brown's best-seller, is considered as the novel of the twentieth century by the majority of review...

160 views 5 pages ~ 1140 words
TED talk on “schools kill creativity”

In February 2006, Ken Robinson gave a TED talk titled "Schools Destroy Talent." The aim of the talk is to criticize the ...

250 views 3 pages ~ 738 words
about groupthink

Groupthink is a social condition that happens in a group of individuals which results in a dysfunctional or unreasonable...

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