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241 views 4 pages ~ 1085 words
How great leaders encourage people to take action Begin with Why:

The Start with Why by Simon Sinek is an encouraging book that describes how leaders encourage others to take action. Sin...

283 views 4 pages ~ 940 words
Motivation and Law of FMLA

The main nuggets that most companies employ to encourage performance, development, and sustainability are inspiration an...

287 views 2 pages ~ 497 words
Randy Pausch Last Lecture

This video is so inspirational and motivating. It clarifies the value of hope in life. Randy is talking about his dream ...

275 views 2 pages ~ 687 words
A Brief Stevie Wonder Biography

If you're looking for a brief biography of Stevie Wonder, then this article will give you an overview of his life and career....

568 views 2 pages ~ 729 words
Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a person who has never heard of Eminem. He is one of the most talented and famous rap artists in the world, ...

222 views 2 pages ~ 708 words
The Plot of The Film and Analysis Erin Brockovich

Many women, faced with problems and difficulties, easily give up, pull their hands together, and begin to blame fate for everything. Erin Brocko...

78 views 6 pages ~ 1457 words
The strength of poetry writing is the vulnerability

The philosophy of defenselessness as a source of strength is based around encouraging an individual to recognize their v...

179 views 7 pages ~ 1766 words
The Bible

The Bible is one of the most widely read texts in the world. It is the primary foundation upon which the Christian faith...

248 views 4 pages ~ 932 words
About The Mechanics of Being

The Mechanics of Being is an inspiring script that depicts sensitive situations that people face in today's world. It is...

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