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71 views 3 pages ~ 566 words
Responsibility and superhuman status

One would assume that the solution to this question is clearly dependent on a moral compass. In fact, however, most pers...

111 views 6 pages ~ 1442 words
Nuclear weapons are viewed as the most hazardous weapons in the world.

Nuclear devices are commonly recognized as the most lethal weapons in the world. Via the ongoing devastating impact of t...

295 views 6 pages ~ 1480 words
Podcast examination

Technology's exponential progression has had a major effect on society. The development in technology, in particular, ha...

247 views 6 pages ~ 1414 words
Should commercial testing on animals be banned?

Animals are living beings that have existed since the dawn of mankind. Animals are one-of-a-kind, and because of their s...

115 views 4 pages ~ 892 words
The Advantage and Disadvantage of Nebraska's Social Life

Western Nebraska Social Nebraska heralded as the cradle of humanity is a landlocked American state located between the G...

124 views 5 pages ~ 1122 words
“Death of a Salesman” by arthur miller

Arthur Miller's play "Death of a Salesman" is a profound work that records many facets of society and social life. The p...

254 views 7 pages ~ 1672 words
Role of the Deity Human Life According To Ancient Writers

Tales of gods and their encounters with humans abound in ancient literature. There is no way of knowing whether these my...

222 views 8 pages ~ 2059 words
Humanitarian initiatives

Humanitarian initiatives are actions taken by organizations, coalitions of nations, or countries to reduce widespread hu...

228 views 6 pages ~ 1551 words
Humanity: Charity can’t be forced

Humanity has made tremendous strides in research, medicine, technology and schooling, but despite this, half of the worl...

197 views 4 pages ~ 1062 words
Cindy Sherman: A Manufactured Portrait

The projection of oneself onto an creative canvas has been repeated numerous times throughout humanity, however none hav...

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