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278 views 14 pages ~ 3742 words
Mass Incarceration: Prison Racism and Discrimination

With a recent increase in mass incarceration numbers into the twenty-first century, it is clear that the American experi...

221 views 7 pages ~ 1739 words
Why more vending machines should be at Boward college

According to research, vending machines have developed into some of the best food points for comfort and low-cost access...

100 views 9 pages ~ 2225 words
Effects of human trafficking

The consequences of sex trafficking provoke a wide range of responses from various groups. The aim of choosing this subj...

149 views 7 pages ~ 1860 words
Secrecy: Bukowski’s Message for the World

Poems are often used as Social Commentary to condemn the events in a culture or, more precisely, within the country's pe...

242 views 6 pages ~ 1421 words
Genetically Modified Foods should be labeled

Without the awareness of many people around the globe, humanity is predisposed to undesirable health problems, as the wh...

286 views 2 pages ~ 519 words
The Poem, Anyone Lived in a Pretty how Town by Cummings

Cummings' poem, Everyone Lived in a Pretty How Town, raises concern of how people value relationships in urban areas. Cu...

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