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219 views 2 pages ~ 381 words
Ontario's Highway Traffic Act (HTA)

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) defines pedestrian crossovers as any area of the road particularly intended for pe...

255 views 3 pages ~ 615 words

Three men were riding in a passenger vehicle when a policeman pulled it over for going too fast. He demanded the driver'...

269 views 2 pages ~ 440 words
What is RIDE Program? Essay

Police in Ontario, Canada, use the Reduced Impaired Driving Everywhere (RIDE) restraint testing initiative. Reduce Impai...

196 views 3 pages ~ 555 words
Canada and Stunt Driving Offence Research Essay

Driving above the typical pace of, say, 50 kilometers per hour is known as stunt driving. It might also entail driving f...

78 views 7 pages ~ 1816 words
Creating Awareness on Drowsy Driving

Finding solutions to this ongoing issue is only appropriate after recognizing the effects of driving while fatigued and ...

277 views 2 pages ~ 382 words
Driving while Texting Dangers

Have you ever felt your phone vibrate in your back pocket, reached to grasp it, and then realized it wasn't even there? ...

235 views 8 pages ~ 2066 words
Public Service Announcement on distracted driving

Injuries and accidents due to distracted driving have increased significantly, making the problem a serious concern for ...

101 views 3 pages ~ 582 words
A Lucky Escape

We organized a huge party out of town before we went on vacation for the summer. We wanted to rent a van from Andrew's f...

181 views 5 pages ~ 1242 words
The Evaluation of the Impact of Robotic cars on Humans

People have grown accustomed to driving traditional vehicles, thus regulating their comfort. However, with the developme...

162 views 5 pages ~ 1139 words
Best Gender for Driving

From the dawn of time, there has always been a battle between the sexes in different respects. The ability to drive is o...

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