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203 views 14 pages ~ 3652 words
The Role of Entrepreneurship in Achieving Sustainable Development

The success of an enterprise is not only anchored on the potential of the entrepreneur to handle its day to day operatio...

144 views 7 pages ~ 1749 words
The Role of Self-Efficacy in Goal Setting

Self-efficacy refers to strong belief in an individual in regard to his/her innate capacity which enables them to execut...

298 views 3 pages ~ 590 words
The Merging of Nokia and Microsoft

Something Microsoft former CEO Steve referred to as ‘a bold approach with the future,’ the merging of Microsoft with Nok...

217 views 7 pages ~ 1709 words
An Analysis of Starbucks Coffee International

Starbucks Coffee International refers to an American enterprise that involves itself in purchasing, roasting and selling...

195 views 5 pages ~ 1375 words
Entrepreneurship and Personal Attributes

McDowell et. al. (2016) defined an entrepreneur as an individual who takes a financial risk with the prospects of profit...

91 views 5 pages ~ 1313 words

Hisrich, Peters, and Shepherd (2010) defined entrepreneurship as "the process of creating something new with value ...

218 views 5 pages ~ 1248 words
The Role of Multisectorial Collaboration in the Success of Honey Care Africa

Honey Care Africa, a startup business enterprise had started its operations in the East African country of Kenya by Faro...

192 views 4 pages ~ 885 words
The Role of Self-Reflection in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be regarded as the driving force of today’s world economy. Almost all critical innovations and conc...

248 views 4 pages ~ 1009 words
Successful Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship refers to the process of inventing something new with an extra value, which requires time and effort bu...

159 views 4 pages ~ 882 words
The Reasons for Business Failure

Business failure is a common occurrence especially with globalization and a fast-changing business environment. Accordin...

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