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Bullet Proof Side Window for Police department

Former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton came up with the idea of equipping police cars with bulletproof side windows bac...

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Profiling by race

In culture today, racial profiling is a major problem. In certain instances, the police operate everyday as a regular pu...

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Name Institution   Introduction The development in information technology is one of the dynamic fields in the modern wor...

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About Racism

Police stops are one form of racism I always face. The police racialise heavily who is halted in a car or walking distan...

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Individuality loss

Individuality is the possession of characteristics that distinguishes oneself from others. Individuality, according to P...

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Title IX Cal Pomona

Title IX is a popular federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex in Cal Poly Pomona and other higher learning institutions. The ...

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Should the Police be Militarized?

The question of whether or not the police should be militarized has become more controversial over time. Tietz defines p...

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Use of Torture in War

On the question of torture in war, opinions are mixed. There are several points of view from which to argue. Some will d...

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summary and paraphrasing of quotes

According to Roger Sipher, the underlying cause of the latest law enforcement scandal is the institution's mandatory att...

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