Challenges Faced by Forensic Investigators in The Investigation of Wireless Networks

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The Challenges of Wireless Networks for Forensic Investigators

The advent of wireless networks and devices has inspired myriad opportunities. Subsequently, recent times have seen an increase in the use of wireless devices. Unfortunately, such inclination presents a new challenge to forensic investigators. The mitigation of such challenges requires identification of the interventions that can be applied to reduce investigation hindrances as a result of the popularity of wireless networks.

The Impediment of Mobile Device Information Acquisition

The acquisition of information from mobile devices provides a major hindrance to the efficiency of forensic investigations. The diverse operating systems in mobile devices provide a significant impediment to forensic investigators (Bennett, 2011). Such diversity hinders the development of effective data retrieval software that will facilitate the acquisition of relevant data, across all operating systems. To overcome the challenge, forensic investigators will have to invest in the determination and identification of diverse data retrieval options which are specific to the different operating systems.

The Short Lifespan of Operating Systems

Alternatively, forensic investigators have a hard time maintaining the efficiency of their efforts given the short product cycles of the operating systems. To overcome the challenges posed by such a shirt lifespan, forensic investigators will be required to anticipate new technology, and invest in new information retrieval tools. Still, the advent of wireless networks offers a new challenge in the form of encryptions and firewalls. Components such as the IP options hinder the identification of culprit network users (Bennett, 2011). To overcome such hindrances, forensic investigators should embrace workarounds. They should directly seek commit to the decryption of such barriers. Tools such as RAM Captrurer enables the extraction of binary decryption key which plays a critical role debunking the encrypted systems. The use of anonymous online trackers facilitates the identification of anonymous users.


Bennett, D. W. (2011). The Challenges Facing Computer Forensics Investigators in Obtaining Information from Mobile Devices for Use in Criminal Investigations. Forensic Focus Retrieved from

September 04, 2023



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