The Role of Education in Future Success

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In the contemporary society, education is considered the key to success. In his article, “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line,” Andrew Braaksma illustrates the significance of education in securing the best future employment opportunities. The author asserts that, while students may take the education system for granted, those who do not have academic qualifications or fail to graduate are bound to work in laborious employment positions which are very hectic compared to the white collar jobs. He points out that students who spend their time to study are better placed as they are able to get future employment. Further, Braaksma highlights the challenges faced by blue-collar workers including exhaustion due to heavy duties and underpayment. Thus, excelling in education allows people to secure successful future employment opportunities.

Students must work hard and study in school in order to secure future careers that have better working conditions. From the reading, it is evident that without hard work, one may be forced to perform hard labor in low-skilled employment, which is accompanied by low wages and poor working conditions. The author states, “For a student like me who considers any class before noon to be uncivilized, getting to a factory by 6 o'clock each morning, where rows of hulking, sparkshowering machines have replaced the lush campus and cavernous lecture halls of college life, is torture” (Braaksma, 2005). The author compares the life at school and that at the factory to show the poor working conditions of blue-color jobs. He is forced to wake up early and work under noisy conditions, which are incomparable to the school environment. If one goes through college and gets a good grade, he/she is able to be recruited in a well-paying job which is accompanied by better working conditions.

Inadequate education also results in low wages as it is associated with blue-color employment. The author believes that without educational success, one is bound to get minimum income. He states, “I couldn't believe how little I was taking home after all the hours I spent on the sweltering production floor” (Braaksma, 2005). The author claims that after a rough day at work, all he is able to take home is a little wage. With low wages, the employees’ lives become miserable, as they are unable to pay for their daily basic needs. Engaging in difficult jobs like the author is demoralizing especially when the pay is minimal; this can affect the performance of the employees and the overall economic output of the country.

Furthermore, lack of education is associated with stressful informal employment which is temporary in nature. In the article, the author states, “Issues like downsizing and overseas relocation had always seemed distant to me until my coworkers at one factory told me that the unit I was working in would be shut down within six months and moved to Mexico, where people would work for 60 cents an hour” (Braaksma 2005). This illustrates how blue-color jobs can easily be lost since they are not permanent opportunities. Companies offering informal employment would rather consider the profit generated rather than providing the employees with decent income that would raise their living standards. Having job security is important for employee satisfaction; thus, by graduating with good grades, students are able to get such employment opportunities.

In summary, Braaksma attempts to advice students on the role of education in the future success. When people complete the education system and graduate with good grades, they are able to get employed in permanent white-color jobs which have better wages and healthy working conditions. Students who graduate are able to get employment opportunities with favorable working environment as well as easier tasks. With a quality job, individuals are able to get better wages, which will help to raise their standards of living. Furthermore, with study, individuals are able to secure permanent employment which increases security and employment satisfaction.

August 21, 2023

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