The Importance of Setting SMART Goals

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To achieve good grades

I will set S.M.A.R.T goals for the classes that I will be taking and the work that I will be doing in school. The S.M.A.R.T goals will enable me to get the results that I desire from the classes, remain focused throughout the semester and also be able to measure the achievements that I want to achieve. The goals that I will set will also be able to help me in determining the way the work that I will be doing aligns with the work that I will have from school; this will assist me in focusing on my targets and achieving them. In the next semester, I will carefully take lecture notes for my classes which include; Law 002, PDS 002 and Computer 012. I will study course materials and review all the learning resources that will be provided by the lecturers before the exams period so that I can ask the lecturers to help me understand areas where I do not comprehend. I will extensively research my assignments and complete them within the stipulated time and revise the papers to find the right answers for the questions that I would have failed. Through this, I will be able to pass all the quizzes with good grades.

Using the S.M.A.R.T approach

The goal for my next semester needs to be specific, this way I can be motivated and focused on achieving the goal. My Specific goal is: I will use effective learning methods, engage my tutors, my friends and learning materials to attain top grades for all the classes that I will be attending in the next semester, this way I will be able to set a good foundation for my courses. I will then have to establish criteria that are concrete that will help me in measuring the progress that I will be making throughout the semester in achieving the set goal. Through these criteria, I will be able to make sure that my goal is Measurable. In the semester, I will make sure that I spend 3 hours each day doing my studies except Sundays. For these six days, I will try and comprehend the materials from the classes and also find time to ask my lecturers questions in case there is a concept that I am not understanding. In the semester, I will also make sure that I complete all the assignments in time and hand them in for assessment, I will then revise them. I will also make sure that I have finished the studies two weeks before the exam period so that I can have enough time to relax and put more efforts on concepts that I do not understand. For this goal to be successful, it needs to be Achievable, to achieve this goal, I will create a studying timetable and allocate each course time throughout the week. I will also create time for assignments and revisions. My goal for next semester is Relevant; it is worthwhile because it will help me set a good foundation for my studies in the coming semesters and I will also be able to put my free time in good use. The goal is Time-bound, I will set the goal to be achieved within the next semester. I will use effective methods to do my studies so that I can achieve my goals.

August 14, 2023




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