The Crucible by Arthur Miller: A New Historicist Reading

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Hooti, Noorbakhsh, and Ali Ghaderi. "Event, Iterability, and Justice Practiced in the Sense of Law: A Derridean Reading of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible."3L: Language, Linguistics, Literature® 21.1 (2015).

            The article investigates The Crucible in critical terms used by Jacques Derrida, especially events, justice, and iterability. Following the close reading, the piece also scrutinizes the aspect of undecidability, alterity, and identity. The most used area here is Salem witch trials demonstrated on how people consider an event and the way in which iterability would function within the text as well as helps to re-echo the same situation in various epochs of different voices. Again, the paper identifies how institutions avoid the structure of the play by assuming logos and centers but also ignore any other question. The same is shown by Muller when he juxtaposes magic and religion to reveal their reaction with each other throughout the piece. Lastly, this piece shows how people perceive law and justice and concludes that the part played by undecidability is critical to the judicial process considering that people and institutions should applaud all levels of hearing and fairness.

Fatemeh,M. "The New Historicist Reading of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible."Canadian Social Science 12.7 (2016): 13-17.

            New Historicism is a literacy concept concentrating on ways in which places, culture, and events impact a written piece of work. Moreover, this piece searches at the illusions that illustrate the time at which the author wrote the novel. In this case, the article focuses on The Crucible by Arthur Muller and studies critical sections of the historical American literature. Moreover, it deals with the actual essentiality to the modern discussion of Historicism, and how it is affected by theories and work of Michael Foucault concerning the discourse and power. Also, it includes details about the textuality of history by Stephen Greenblatt. Although people criticize The Crucible politically, it is an independent play concerned with the superstition and dreadful time in the olden times of America. The piece studies networks of discourse between people besides the idea of power, resistance or subversion.

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