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271 views 5 pages ~ 1175 words
The State of Traffic in Atlanta

There has been plenty of talk within the last couple of years regarding the state of traffic in Atlanta from Buckhead to...

114 views 3 pages ~ 638 words
Adoption Laws Research Essay

Every nation has laws and rules that control the adoption of children. The laws governing infant adoption in the US diff...

270 views 2 pages ~ 373 words
Wrongly Dismissed from His Duty Research Essay

Because Mr. Marsh wasn't fired due to any wrongdoing on his part, this is a legal truth. It is not a violation of the la...

241 views 3 pages ~ 715 words
Buffalo Creek Disaster - Impressions of the book

Professional advice was not readily available before and during the dam building. Due to outdated building methods, the ...

299 views 5 pages ~ 1291 words
Wrongful Convictions Research Essay

When someone who is truly innocent is given a criminal sentence, it is called a wrongful conviction. This doesn't refer ...

176 views 4 pages ~ 942 words
Climate Change Mitigation Research Essay

There are many concerns about how businesses lobby on climate problems and how it is reported. The business makes an eff...

262 views 5 pages ~ 1278 words
Alcoholism control Research Essay

The community faces a serious problem with alcoholism, which is contributing to a rise in the number of youth dropping o...

253 views 8 pages ~ 1983 words
The Troubles in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland was experiencing severe political, social, religious, and fiscal crises toward the end of the 20th cent...

139 views 8 pages ~ 2073 words

Choosing what to do with those who are found to be responsible for the crime is one of the biggest challenges that crimi...

161 views 7 pages ~ 1809 words
Miscarriages of Justice - Derek Bentley and Robert King

A young boy named Derek Bentley took part in a bombing attack on London in 1941, which resulted in some brain damage and...

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