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174 views 2 pages ~ 338 words
God's Presence in People's Lives

God is the divine being who created everything that exists on the earth's surface. The Bible contains various creation a...

452 views 2 pages ~ 826 words
The Poisonwood Bible Summary and Analysis

The Poisonwood Bible (1998) by Barbara Kingsolver tells a story about an almost fanatical missionary Nathan Price, together with his wife and da...

19 views 2 pages ~ 595 words
Fallen Angels Are Still Alive and Influence Our Lives

"Fallen Angel" is a term that describes angels who were expelled from heaven because of their sins. The word does not actually appear ...

234 views 5 pages ~ 1720 words
Joseph Smith and the founding of the Mormon church

The teachings of Jesus Christ according to the Bible have over a long period remained a source of inspiration to humankind. However, there are t...

73 views 3 pages ~ 587 words
Why Luke would have edited Mark’s Gospel

There are concrete reasons to assume that the Gospel of Mark was written first and that Luke may have used it as a sourc...

164 views 2 pages ~ 277 words
Describe the Character of Satan from the book of Job (Bible)

There are distinct Job personalities that emerge when one reads through the book of Job. He is polite and punctual. In t...

180 views 2 pages ~ 387 words
Biblical story

The above is a Biblical story found in the book of Luke 15: 11-32. It is based on the story of a boy who becomes bored o...

179 views 7 pages ~ 1766 words
The Bible

The Bible is one of the most widely read texts in the world. It is the primary foundation upon which the Christian faith...

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