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276 views 6 pages ~ 1473 words
The Nature of God in The Old Testament and The New Testament

The term God refers to a supreme being with absolute knowledge of everything. The Old Testament depicts a creature with ...

263 views 4 pages ~ 911 words
The English Bible Essay

The English Bible has the books in a sequential sequence that indicates they were not written to create a logic flow. (V...

81 views 2 pages ~ 349 words
Christians studying secular literature based on the readings

Christians read books for a variety of purposes. According to the modules from this week, "The Bible is a work of litera...

157 views 2 pages ~ 450 words
The story of Jesus

The risen Christ appeared to some of his followers on numerous occasions, according to the bible. In these stories, the ...

193 views 1 pages ~ 271 words
Debt and depression: Borrowing money

Borrowing money is a typical occurrence in today's world, with enormous amounts of debt amassed through consumer loans, ...

230 views 11 pages ~ 2960 words
Luke 14: 25-26

In summary, Luke 14: 25-26 implies that there was a cost to becoming a really committed disciple of Jesus. That is, the ...

295 views 1 pages ~ 270 words
Soldiers and war

Soldiers carry a variety of emotional and psychological items, including love letters and photographs of Martha taken by...

206 views 2 pages ~ 405 words
The Gospel of Luke

The third of the four canonical gospels is the Gospel of Luke. It explains Jesus Christ's beginnings, life, ministry, de...

72 views 4 pages ~ 1024 words
Christian Understanding of Righteousness

Christians initially comprehend righteousness in terms of God's righteousness and the fact that He is the origin of all ...

238 views 4 pages ~ 969 words
The beginning of time

The question of the legitimacy and content of the Bible has generated debates concerning Christians' religion since the ...

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