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135 views 3 pages ~ 676 words
Jesus Christ Discussion

Religion dates back to the time before the birth of Jesus Christ who is the son of God. During the beginning of time God...

154 views 2 pages ~ 286 words
The Church of the Renaissance

The Romanist concept emphasizes the papacy's defensive walls, which, in my opinion, denied Christians the ability to wor...

155 views 3 pages ~ 607 words
Jonathan Edwards versus Benjamin Franklin

Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin were both determined, self-sacrificing, and voracious readers throughout the earl...

115 views 10 pages ~ 2659 words
The Deity's Being

The presence of God is still a point of contention among theologians, philosophers, and other academics. Religious belie...

135 views 6 pages ~ 1391 words
Knossos Lost City

The Lost City of Knossos is termed as the middle of Minoan civilization. The city is five miles from the coast of Crete....

174 views 2 pages ~ 338 words
God's Presence in People's Lives

God is the divine being who created everything that exists on the earth's surface. The Bible contains various creation a...

94 views 5 pages ~ 1460 words
Civil religion in a mechanism of faith

Ideas regarding God and human beings are familiar to all in civil religion in a mechanism of faith known as reification....

452 views 2 pages ~ 826 words
The Poisonwood Bible Summary and Analysis

The Poisonwood Bible (1998) by Barbara Kingsolver tells a story about an almost fanatical missionary Nathan Price, together with his wife and da...

345 views 3 pages ~ 926 words
Dashain and Tihar - Festive Season

There are many reasons to celebrate Dashain and Tihar, but none can compare with the joy and excitement these festivals can bring...

32 views 3 pages ~ 651 words
Ganesh - The God of Wisdom

The story of Ganesh is an age-old one, which is why we celebrate his birthday on May 5th. He is the god of wisdom, and his head resembles an ele...

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