A Christian's Worldview Task

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Worldview has been expressed as an assemblage of presuppositions that people hold dearly about what constitutes the world. The presuppositions are a combination of assumptions that can be classified as true or false, but they provide an individual with the belief of the foundation of the world that we existed in and the reality of our existence. Therefore, worldviews are just the beliefs that individuals hold true and adhere to them. Therefore, this article will answer the critical life questions on personal worldview.

The Prime Reality: God

According to my understanding, the prime reality is God. As a Christian, God is the creator of the universe, and He made everything to be what it is, He spoke existence of the world. Therefore, God is righteous, eternal, divine, and glorious. The nature of God is incredibly complicated to the human comprehension, and therefore, God makes himself known. The prime reality of God is that He is not distant, but instead, He wants to have a relationship with humans. God is all powerful who is sovereign over what He created. God is beyond the world He created, but he is transcendence.

The Nature of the Universe

According to Sire (2009), the nature of our universe depends on the creation of God. The world was created ex nihilo meaning it was created from nothing and God spoke a word to its existence. The nature of the universe was influenced by the word of God who created the world and deemed it good. The universe was created in an orderly and structural manner. However, the universe is under open system meaning it is not programmed and it is opened for reordering by God and humans. The choices that humans opt for have consequences on the universe; the impacts can be better or worse.

The Nature of Humans

Gilbert (2014) stated God created humans in His image; thus, human beings dimly reflect the glory of God. Therefore, humans are like God especially with Adam and Eve before they sinned. Thus, humans carry the divine dignity, and that is why they have the conscience of differentiating right from wrong and good from bad. Despite the original sin, humans can recognise their world and appreciate each other, and through grace, humans can know God in a personal relationship. Furthermore, Christians are offered a second chance of being sinless through salvation granted by Jesus Christ who came to restore the earth in order.

Life After Death

Death has been established as the ultimate sign that life on earth has ended. However, as Christians, Jesus died for our sins, and when we accept salvation and die, our sins are forgiven granting a dead soul eternal life. The person who dies has two options, to join God in eternal glory or to be subjected to eternal torment in hell (Sire, 2009). Therefore, every individual continues to exist after death, either they are reunited with God or apart from God. The only thing that determines how the individual lives after death are their faith in Jesus.


Knowledge has been sought as a vital element in Christianity since humans are created in God's image who is all-knowing. Therefore, humans know about their God and their world. The knowledge bestowed on humans' results from the grace of God. God grants humans the grace to learn and understand their world and about God. God reveals himself through general and special revelation (Gilbert, 2014). The universal revelation is where God shows Himself through created order. The extraordinary revelation entails when God reveals Himself through His word and Jesus Christ. God being knowable, He provides humans with the necessary knowledge for their existence.


Being created in God's image, humans are granted the power of acknowledging what is right from wrong. Being from God's nation, the human choice is influenced by their conscience of making the right decisions. The worldview about ethics is based on absolute truth and absolute morality. Therefore, the ethics instilled in Christians overflow from the God's holy character. However, some aspects are influenced by their culture and physical survival (Parsley, 2017).

Human History

The human history is linear and in an orderly manner because God continues to unveil His eternal purposes concerning humans. The human history is not meaningless because God is the author of humanity meaning that history is headed towards the right direction. The history of humankind is rooted in the plan of God and the work of God. Humans are created in the personality of God allowing them to venture the world with more courage and fulfil their purpose in the earth (Gilbert, 2014). As the history continues to unfold, God's eternal plans are achieved. Humans are both divine and sinful. However, God grants them the second chance of salvation through Jesus Christ. Therefore, the history of human continues to progress even after death. The greatness and authority of God continue to give hope for the existence of humans. God has been considered as the most significant prime reality of the worldview because of His relationship with humans. God's grace, power, love, and holiness continue to make Him the Almighty of all prime realities.


Gilbert, M. (2014). Seven Basic Elements of the Christian Worldview. MATHEW GILBERT. Retrieved 5 February 2018, from https://matgilbert.wordpress.com/2014/07/16/seven-basic-elements-of-the-christian-worldview/

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