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159 views 5 pages ~ 1135 words
Control of Guns

For quite sometime now, the question about whether or not to legalize the possession of weapons in the US has been hotly...

297 views 6 pages ~ 1522 words
Many Americans still hold the philosophy of the American Dream

Many Americans still retain the ideology of the American Dream, which is based on the idea that one will achieve by hard...

172 views 3 pages ~ 603 words
Cultural Relativism

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date   Societies of the world have different practices that they believe t...

201 views 11 pages ~ 2797 words
pornography's negative aspect on society

The presence of pornographic photographs and movies has caused heated controversy around the world. The majority of reli...

296 views 11 pages ~ 2961 words
Works and Contributions to Art and History of Gertrude Bell

As a prolific journalist, she wrote extensively about the ancient traditions of various regions and recorded the day-to-...

161 views 9 pages ~ 2219 words
“Belief Ethics” is a book on the ethics of belief.

Clifford's "ethics of belief" is a set of issues based on four main concepts: psychology, philosophy of mind, ethics, an...

236 views 9 pages ~ 2252 words
Taboo and foods

Food delicacies and taboos are mostly the product of religious and cultural traditions. Food taboos are prevalent in alm...

115 views 10 pages ~ 2659 words
The Deity's Being

The presence of God is still a point of contention among theologians, philosophers, and other academics. Religious belie...

198 views 5 pages ~ 1290 words
What is an abortion morality?

Abortion is perhaps the most divisive and contentious moral and legal issue in contemporary American culture and politic...

167 views 3 pages ~ 553 words
American Transcendentalist in 2017

Transcendentalism is the idea that understanding should be gained by insight and imagination rather than reasoning or th...

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