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Essays on Leadership

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129 views 7 pages ~ 1743 words
Anarchism in V for Vendetta

For a long time, there has been much debate about the right way to construct an anarchist society. Allan Moore's point of view was expressed in his graphic n...

263 views 5 pages ~ 1229 words
The Leadership/Supervisory Techniques

Leadership/supervisory strategies are some of the key qualities that all leaders, regardless of their area of operation, should have. The strategies of leade...

142 views 2 pages ~ 397 words
Women in Leadership at International levels

Burns and McCallister, an international management organization in the United States of America, was greatly distinguished as a top firm in women employment ...

69 views 2 pages ~ 339 words
The Giver: Notion of Society

The author of the novel "The Giver," Lois Lowry, must have recognized the connection between the period he wrote it and the present turns of events in 2018. ...

207 views 6 pages ~ 1619 words
Essay Review of The novel Lord of the Flies

The novel Lord of the Flies tells the narrative of a group of young boys who become shipwrecked on an island and are forced to rethink the nature of their re...

114 views 3 pages ~ 634 words
The Need for Social Order Essay

Social order entails the use of organizations and structures to enforce rules and regulations that are designed to improve the functioning of a society. The ...

186 views 3 pages ~ 682 words
Perfection in the Lois Lowry's 'The Giver'

Perfection is a frequent subject in Lois Lowry's descriptions of a society striving towards sameness in all facets of life. The leadership brainwashed the Jo...

300 views 3 pages ~ 635 words
Team Work and Leadership Lessons from Ed Hochuli an...

Ed Hochuli provides excellent advice on how to apply leadership skills following graduation. Because of their teamwork and outstanding organizational qualiti...

128 views 4 pages ~ 954 words
Children Leadership Challenges

My desire to join a football club where I could nurture my passion for soccer has been strong since I was a child. Most of my interest in coaching stemmed fr...

241 views 4 pages ~ 908 words
Styles of Leadership

Leadership refers to the willingness of an individual to lead others to accomplish a specific mission. A successful leader should be the one who leads the mi...

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