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191 views 5 pages ~ 1360 words
Self-assessment on Big Five Personality Traits

Based on my self-evaluation, I agree with the outcomes of the five personal attributes. First and foremost, I like of my...

75 views 2 pages ~ 453 words
Article: Positive Thinking in Coping with Stress and Health Outcomes: Literature Review

By analyzing the literature, the paper investigates the impact of positive thinking on health outcomes, stress, and copi...

300 views 2 pages ~ 305 words
Leadership essay

The Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire revealed that my leadership style is characterized by openness and a strong...

186 views 3 pages ~ 786 words
Self-evaluation of leadership, influence, and the use of power

Different levels of power, politics, influence, and leadership effectiveness are things I do while I'm around my peers. ...

112 views 6 pages ~ 1637 words
Raw Materials Assessment

This raw materials self-assessment is intended to help you get to know yourself better, identify your strengths and shor...

284 views 3 pages ~ 631 words
Selective attention

People frequently focus for a while on something they think important while disregarding other unimportant events that a...

264 views 2 pages ~ 349 words
Importance of self worth

A person's sense of self-worth is known as self-efficacy. They can deliver a variety of performances thanks to their bel...

67 views 4 pages ~ 930 words
Personal plan and swot analysis

My personal qualities include creativity, tenacity, passion of teamwork, and cultural sensitivity. The ability to come u...

216 views 2 pages ~ 312 words
Essay on reflecting on self

Lessons Learnt from the Teamwork. I gained a lot of knowledge about teamwork while working on the project as a team. To ...

105 views 7 pages ~ 1749 words
Character of President Barrack Obama

The 44th US president, Barrack Obama, presided over the country from 2009 to 2017. Prior to his current position, Presid...

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