Importance of self worth

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A person's sense of self-worth and self-efficacy

A person's sense of self-worth is known as self-efficacy. They can deliver a variety of performances thanks to their beliefs. Additionally, it has an impact on how individuals feel, behave, act inspired, and think about themselves. On the other side, self-esteem refers to the sense of respect, assurance, and satisfaction one has for oneself. Only seldom are the two standings inversely related; most of the time, the two standings are directly associated. The essay examines how internal and external examples might help us understand how self-esteem impacts self-efficacy.

Internal Forces: Impact on Self-Efficacy

According to psychologists, a person's ability to finish a project is influenced by his or her sense of self-worth. One could have high self-efficacy, for instance, if they believe they are the greatest at completing a task. Likewise, the more a person adores himself, the higher the performance in everything that he does and vice versa. It is evident that a higher feeling of self-worth increases the performance hence increasing the self-efficacy. These dynamics can be provoked by internal forces such as feelings. Hence, more confidence in oneself leads to quality work and better presentation.

External Forces: Impact on Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy

External forces may also affect one's self-esteem and self-efficacy. Peers, workmates, and other people surrounding a person may affect the performance that a person gets. For example, a pupil who scores very low in a subject may have low self-esteem due to the embarrassment that he feels (Mega, 2014). This may affect his performance or perspective towards the subject. The individual may start performing poorly in the subject due to low self-esteem brought about by being overshadowed by his colleagues. This leads to low self-efficacy. Other factors that lead to such situations include the contribution of a person in a group. If a colleague leads to the success of a group, this may increase his self-esteem leading to higher self-efficacy.


Mega, Carolina, Lucia Ronconi, and Rossana De Beni. "What makes a good student? How emotions, self-regulated learning, and motivation contribute to academic achievement." Journal of Educational Psychology 106.1 (2014): 121.

February 14, 2023




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