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Self-Critique For Introduction Speech

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Just the other day, I gave my self-introduction speech, which I believe went well despite some technicalities. The speech went off without a hitch, but I was a little anxious because all eyes were on me. However, I was pleased with the overall result of the speech, and although I did not deliver to my full potential, the lessons learned were invaluable. I was at ease with the structure of my voice, pausing as possible and adhering to the two-minute limit, among other things. My success was aided by the fact that I had practiced my speech for several days prior to the big day. My success in making the speech was however deterred by pronunciation that was primarily influenced by my Spanish origin. I still have a thick accent, which I need to improve to enhance my communication skills. I also need to improve on my posture since I would regularly cross my legs during the speech. Nonetheless, I was still able to communicate effectively as the feedback from the audience, team, and professor was quite encouraging, and they all said I was well prepared. The posture, intonation, and pronunciation are some of the areas that I need to improve for my next speech.

September 11, 2021


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