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126 views 5 pages ~ 1141 words
Health Professions Research

In order to keep up-to-date with advances in health care services, health care professional are increasingly required to...

145 views 2 pages ~ 351 words
The Role of IRB in Biomedical Research

RB) stands out as a significant and objective third party body that is controlled by Federal Regulations mandated by pro...

178 views 1 pages ~ 275 words
An Empirical Study of Spiritual Assessment Tools in American Healthcare

The paper describes a systematic review, which is a critical assessment and evaluation of various literature that addres...

260 views 5 pages ~ 1231 words
Prevention of Falls in the Older Persons

A fall can be expressed as an unintended change in the position of a person triggering them to land at the lower level o...

111 views 5 pages ~ 1200 words
Qualitative Research Design

Qualitative research is a sub-branch of exploratory research. It is used by researchers to gain insight into the reasons...

90 views 2 pages ~ 330 words
The Effects of Plagiarism on Nursing Students

Plagiarism is one of the major forms of academic offences. Overall, to plagiarize denotes stealing another person’ idea ...

234 views 3 pages ~ 706 words
The Importance of a Quality Literature Review

Why is it important to conduct a quality literature review? What are the essential components of a quality literature re...

105 views 2 pages ~ 479 words
The Ethical Challenge of Research on Sensitive Issues

The case involved the use of human subjects in which approximately 1,300 infants were subjected to controlled trials (Of...

143 views 4 pages ~ 925 words
Comparison of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Approaches

Research is an important aspect of healthcare as well as in other professions due to the provision of the necessary evid...

212 views 4 pages ~ 830 words
The Rationale, Importance, and Aim of the Research

The rationale for the research, why is the study important to you as a social care practitioner, or your clients, or the...

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