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75 views 6 pages ~ 1500 words
Application of Behaviorism in Classroom

Behaviorism is among the learning theories that focus on objectively observable behaviors while discounting any independ...

76 views 4 pages ~ 884 words
Flipped Classroom in Nursing Education

Baepler, P., Walker, J. D., & Driessen, M. (2014). It's not about seat time: Blending, flipping, and efficiency in a...

146 views 5 pages ~ 1305 words
Harry Wong’s Effective Classroom

Harry K. Wong's classroom management techniques were among his assets in Effective Classroom. He advised us to establish...

178 views 2 pages ~ 404 words
Student Learning Assessment

There are 40 students in the class, including 24 girls and 16 guys. The typical age of the pupils is 16 years old. I cov...

87 views 5 pages ~ 1133 words
Computer and Data Security Semester Reflection Paper

This semester's courses have been excellent. The instructor was able to make it to every lesson. I was able to make a fe...

83 views 4 pages ~ 924 words
Communication-based Intervention for non-verbal children with Autism

Gordon, Pasco, McElduff, Wade, and Howlin investigated how a classroom-based intervention, Picture Exchange Communicatio...

292 views 2 pages ~ 353 words
Single Sex Education

Single-sex education is a long-standing strategy that involves separate classrooms or schools for boys and girls, partic...

107 views 5 pages ~ 1278 words
examine support for the induction of the response to intervention

This study seeks to investigate support for the implementation of reaction to intervention, school-based resolute behavi...

197 views 7 pages ~ 1743 words
Individual Differences in Foreign Language Learning

Many factors influence linguistic competency in second language learning. Motivation is one of the natural and social fa...

215 views 2 pages ~ 294 words
Young Children and Anti-Bias Education

Both kids with and without impairments are present in an inclusive classroom. With the fewest constraints possible, such...

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