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196 views 4 pages ~ 907 words
About Classroom Management Strategies for Students with Disabilities

A classroom of disabled children frequently faces a variety of problems that make instruction difficult, especially when...

211 views 4 pages ~ 998 words
About Special Education Teachers

Similar to other teachers who work with more typical kids, a teacher of children with special needs must organize his or...

173 views 3 pages ~ 620 words
Instruction Modifications for a Student with Language Disability

A learner with a language impairment has different learning requirements. As a result, having contextual knowledge while...

162 views 4 pages ~ 843 words
Learner Development and Field Experience

By recognizing development and learning patterns that differ independently across and within the emotional, cognitive, s...

141 views 7 pages ~ 1779 words
ESL learners

It's possible that a significant portion of ESL students who are perceived as having learning disabilities are actually ...

261 views 3 pages ~ 715 words
Observation of Learning Experiments

In most educational settings, students with exceptionalities encounter a number of difficulties. These students exhibit ...

211 views 3 pages ~ 666 words
The States Statistics

Compared to white Americans and other ethnic groups like Hispanics, African American pupils have a slightly greater prop...

138 views 3 pages ~ 593 words
A Discussion Post

I gained a lot of knowledge about how disabilities effect students in the classroom via the PBS LD Simulation. Since att...

102 views 6 pages ~ 1386 words
Modifications and Accommodations in learning

Accommodations and adjustments relate to actions that educators can take to make it easier for young children or older s...

265 views 2 pages ~ 300 words
A Response

After reading your post, I must say that your strategy for include the parent in the special education student's educati...

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