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217 views 5 pages ~ 1356 words
Theory of Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget made a systematic investigation in 1936 that enabled a breakthrough in the understanding of cognitive develo...

265 views 3 pages ~ 657 words
Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of moral development

A clear analysis of how a child's mind develops into maturity in the understanding of the moral rules that surround him ...

157 views 2 pages ~ 406 words
Emotions and Cognition

For a long time, people have debated the concept of intellect and emotional interplay. Philosophers and psychologists ha...

264 views 7 pages ~ 1713 words
Relationships and Feelings in Adolescence

As they grow from childhood to adulthood, humans go through various stages of development. For example, kids go through ...

109 views 7 pages ~ 1878 words
Education Psychology

Cognitive development is a branch of psychology and neuroscience concerned with a child's growth. In such circumstances,...

122 views 13 pages ~ 3384 words

To achieve optimum efficiency, two major educational theories have been created throughout the globe and are implemented...

255 views 3 pages ~ 649 words
About Kermit and the Keyboard

Piaget's theory, Vygotsky's theory, and Bruner's theory are the three fundamental cognitive theories that apply in this ...

171 views 3 pages ~ 690 words
The Adaptation of Spatial Concepts

Recent research on the science of the spatial mind has shown that young children are perceptive to the variations betwee...

160 views 3 pages ~ 655 words
The field of psychology

In order to understand how a child learns their first language, psychology has been widely studied over the past 10 year...

97 views 3 pages ~ 649 words
Sampling and population

The process of creating new knowledge through scientific research can assist in understanding and explaining various cog...

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