in-depth analysis and observation of the content areas classroom that services ELLs

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Following a thorough examination and observation of the content areas classroom that serves ELLs in a title one setting. It is important to note that a few contents are available for use in this subject. However, the topic I'd want to explore is the process of establishing a good command of the English language and effective peer interaction for students from various cultural backgrounds. It is worth noting that I have made some observations on how my mentors have worked together to implement the SEI plan.At first, I noticed my mentors made use of a number these strategies which include a determination of the content and language objective for each lesson and a connection between the lessons content and the ELL’s background, (Campos, 2017). However, with time I began to realize that the prominent among the SEI adopted by my mentor is the determination of the content and language objective for each lesson.

There is need to point out that after a close observation as to how the above strategy has been implemented by my instructor in the classroom, I can efficiently carry out a reflection and highlight of the means by which it was implemented. I noticed that in the course of my observation that one prominent action taking by my instructor was that with details, the content objectives for every language lesson for which ELLs is written down. The process ensures that my instructor is aware of the goal of the lesson, i.e., a determination what is each lesson is developed to achieve; hence, providing a clear and precise direction for the instructor and aid the adequate conceptualization of the students. I also noticed that at the end of every lesson my instructor also tries to find out from students if the objective of the lesson is met. For example, if students are taught how to interact with peers, the instructor tries to find out if students have learned new methods. The response of students is adopted as the means of rectifying any deficit and making the necessary correction in the next lesson. (Echevarria, & Graves, 2007)

There is need also to mention that I have observed that my instructors do not only set content objective they also set language objectives for the ELLs and this is done for every lesson. In the course of my observation, I have realized that the primary reason behind the need to set a language objective is to ensure that there is fit between the details of the content and that of the language. I have noticed that in a bid to attain a correlation between this key factors, i.e., the content and language objectives, the language is used as a useful tool for explaining the details located in the content (Janzen, J. 2008).

In conclusion, students are of varied language backgrounds hence their understanding of the English language may not be at the peak. Therefore, it is important to note that some contents could be provided by an instruction of ELLs students. Such content includes helping such students to develop sufficient English language command, and functional peer interactions and strategies such as the determination of the content and language objective could be adopted by an instructor to achieve the demands of such contents.


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March 17, 2023
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