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267 views 4 pages ~ 1165 words
Industrialization at the time of war

The article by Dave Eggers is acause the war required adequate resources to defeat the Axis powers, which have been a th...

182 views 4 pages ~ 970 words
Warby Parker case study

Warby Parker's environmental trends are the demographic trends of aging in society, where they market more eyeglasses to...

121 views 9 pages ~ 2277 words
Agreements on International Trade

Agreements on International Trade The world has seen economic booms in recent decades, resulting in the emergence of new...

98 views 10 pages ~ 2480 words
Cultural Revolution and Chinese Contemporary Art

The Cultural Revolution came to an end in 1976. However, the Cultural Revolution's specter has not faded even after more...

189 views 9 pages ~ 2301 words
Chinese culture influence

China's economy has developed tremendously over the last two decades. Development has resulted in social improvements, p...

249 views 2 pages ~ 548 words
What is Confucianism

Confucianism is a religion, a tradition, a way of life, a philosophy, or simply a humanistic or rationalistic religion, ...

238 views 5 pages ~ 1115 words
Tiger Mother

Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother has a disclaimer on the cover that it was originally supposed to be a book ab...

103 views 5 pages ~ 1246 words
Physical, political and social life in China

Dynasty of Sui From 581-618 AD, the Sui age lasted for a very short time (Judge & Langdon, 2015). The reunification ...

125 views 2 pages ~ 610 words
Chinese Female Education and Low Natality Rates in China Connection

This study explores the possible connections between the decreasing birth rate in China and Chinese women's education. I...

352 views 4 pages ~ 864 words

Gambling is a form of entertainment in which winning and losing depend mainly on luck and only a little on the skills of the players. People hav...

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