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Caribbean Society and the Impact of 20th-Century Ideological Movements

The Caribbean experienced major racial, social, and political change during the 20th century. The majority of states wer...

103 views 7 pages ~ 1718 words
nature of tourism in the Caribbean

Pattullo (1996) notes that the tourist industry has seen several changes when studying the nature of travel in the Carib...

116 views 7 pages ~ 1756 words
Author's Goals in the Book

To comprehend the impacts it causes to the local communities, the author looks at the nature of tourism in the Caribbean...

259 views 5 pages ~ 1152 words
A Hazard analysis and risk assessment project

The village of South Caribbean faces a serious fire threat. There are roughly 500 000 inhabitants in the city, some of w...

198 views 4 pages ~ 945 words
The Tainos form one tribe of the Caribbean group.

The Tainos are one of the Caribbean tribes. In 650 AD, they arrived in the Caribbean Islands. The Island Caribs and the ...

324 views 3 pages ~ 781 words
The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History

Jennifer Price subtly crafts her view of American culture when she writes about the wonders of the Pink Flamingo, her view is in line with her a...

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Black Experience in the Caribbean

In terms of the difference between public image and fact, I do not think there is a place in the entire world that can s...

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