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Writing about the world is an interesting task because your World essay can deal almost with any subject, including Fashion Studies, Business Management, or Healthcare when you are dealing with various remote practices. It is all about the world we live in. As you are looking for inspiration, think about essays on world topics and think about what you can use as the foundation. These samples that you can see below will provide you with a list of competitive topics. See how these World essays are structure and how each thesis statement is connected to body paragraphs regardless of essay type. Always check with your grading rubric and do not forget to proofread your paper aloud to make it credible.

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194 views 15 pages ~ 4003 words
Analysis of Vietnam as an Appropriate Production Site for Manufacturing Business

Vietnam is a Southeast Asia country that borders China to the North, Cambodia and Lao to the west, and the Pacific Ocean...

300 views 12 pages ~ 3031 words
Ukraine: Political, Economic, and Social Risk

Ukraine is an independent nation in Eastern Europe bordering Russia to the east. Previously, the country was part of the...

125 views 5 pages ~ 1261 words
Income Generation from Ticket Sales in Museums

The tourism industry in Sri Lanka presents a myriad of economic benefits ranging from income generation to the creation ...

231 views 4 pages ~ 978 words
Rana Plaza Disaster: A Tragedy of Human Rights Violations

The Rana Plaza disaster led to the establishment of an Accord on Fire and Building Safety. Signed by major industrial br...

162 views 12 pages ~ 3209 words
Analysis of China as a Potential Destination for Foreign Direct Investment

The report is an analysis of China as a potential destination for foreign direct investment (FDI). An assessment of Poli...

208 views 2 pages ~ 511 words
Analysis of The Italy Tourism Report

The Italy tourism report provides detailed information on the positive outlook for the Italian tourism industry which we...

248 views 2 pages ~ 386 words
Analysis of Leadership Culture in China and America

The leadership process across China is based on collectivism. Hill & Hult, (2017) emphasize that across the nation, ...

225 views 6 pages ~ 1584 words
The Maruti Suzuki India Case Study

The data presented in this section is from the Maruti Suzuki India case study (Mukherjee, Mathur, & Dhar, 2015). Des...

182 views 11 pages ~ 2771 words
The Effects of a Rift Between Canada and Saudi Arabia on Global Business, Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility

The diplomatic spat between two nations might appear political at the beginning, but the constant Canada-Saudi Arabia sq...

118 views 12 pages ~ 3200 words
Miss Tan's Pay Review

The fact that Miss Tan is covered under the Clerk Award, she is not entitled to a national minimum wage as set out in th...

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