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Enclaves in Bangladeshi-India border

The documentary is about the India-Bangladesh enclaves, which are no-land men with millions of people living in them. As...

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Find remedies to the injustices committed by the British during their reign in India.

1. Use nonviolent intimidation and a petition for justice to persuade Lord Irwin to abandon colonial exploitation. 2. To...

96 views 3 pages ~ 730 words
Hindu Rituals

Hinduism's ritual world is a manifestation of India's larger religious system, which varies by individual, village, and ...

128 views 6 pages ~ 1566 words
Indian Culture and Art

Fatehpur Sikri is a city located at the northern part of India and in the western region of the District of Agra. It is ...

298 views 3 pages ~ 730 words
Meditation and Soul

Meditation is a broad term that refers to various activities that people engage in to enhance their mental, emotional, a...

121 views 9 pages ~ 2277 words
Agreements on International Trade

Agreements on International Trade The world has seen economic booms in recent decades, resulting in the emergence of new...

83 views 4 pages ~ 858 words
U.S and india work conditions comparison

A country's attitudes and financial status will influence its working conditions. Employees and results are valued more ...

543 views 4 pages ~ 1108 words

People are always eager to know what awaits them in the future, what needs to be done to achieve their goals, and how to realize their cherished...

78 views 10 pages ~ 786 words
Bangalore: Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore is the largest science center in India. In addition to the institutes and design bureaus involved in the space program, there is the N...

245 views 3 pages ~ 743 words
Uttarayan Festival Tradition

If you are looking for a place to celebrate this Hindu festival, then try Uttarayan, which is held on Saturday, January 14. If you're in the...

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