Economic Prosperity of China and India

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Both China and India are ancient civilizations that were not industrialized, and as a result, technological innovations contributed to their economic prosperity. Both China and India embraced hierarchy. That is, they classified people based on their economic status. Such classification contributed significantly to the wealth gap experienced in these countries today. Politics also affected the growth of India and China. They both leveraged policy reforms in addition to providing governance environment that fostered economic growth (Keefer 189). Similarly, they both introduced significant political checks and balances on individuals occupying top leadership positions.

            Whereas India focused on tertiary sector, China shifted her attention to the secondary sector that influenced her economic prosperity. Unlike India, China invested extensively in infrastructure (Naseem 42). Although China and India had almost similar social structures in the past, the passage of time has seen China eradicate majority of its old social structures via revolutions. India has never experienced any revolution to influence eradication of structures like the caste system.  It is due to use of a semi-feudal social structure that India has not managed to eradicate poverty like China (Dhanaraju 202). Similarly, China’s social system varied from that of India as people from higher class were not restricted from interacting with those from lower class. The current political status of China and India also varies; China practice “One Party Rule” whereas India embraces “Democracy” as a form of leadership. 

            The economic prosperity of China and India is attributed to their geography. They both had good land in addition to rivers for farming. The rivers provided enough water for irrigation to produce surplus food for the high population. Similarly, the mountains in these two countries prevented hostile in addition to immigration.  

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