Compare and Contrast the Political, Social and Economic Development between China and India

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China and India share much when it comes to the social, economic and political developments that both of them have enjoyed. On the political arena, both India and China are headed by the president who is the chief of state. For India, their president is Ram Nath who is deputized by Venkaiah Naidu. On the other hand, Xi Jinping is the president of China and he is deputized by Yuanchao. Both countries operate on the basis of their constitutions which undergo different amendments. On the economic sphere, both countries have really succeeded in producing agricultural products such as rice, sheep, fish, and potatoes. Both countries have also shared some social issues such as the philosophical thinking that they thrived in during the 6th century. At the same period, Confucianism was introduced in China whereas Buddhism was introduced in India.


China and India differ in the political development in the following ways. The type of government used in India is federal parliamentary one. On the other hand, China is governed by a communist party. India got independence in August 1947 whereas china gained self-rule in October 1949. Whereas India's legal system is common laws, the Chinese legal system is based on civil laws that are influenced by the continental civil law system of Europe. Socially, Indians have two major religions that entail Buddhism and Hinduism. On the other hand, China believes in Confucianism, legalism, and Daoism.

Role of Geography

In order for the two nations to develop, their geography has been a key factor. Both of them are situated along the Yellow River and Indus River for China and India respectively. This has enabled both of them to develop much on agriculture as they get enough water thus are able to cultivate in the land.

November 24, 2023

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