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163 views 6 pages ~ 1456 words
The Consequences of Marriage

The institution of marriage can be traced back to the Stone Age. Marriage is intended to order sexual conduct between me...

199 views 6 pages ~ 1545 words
The American Attitudes Towards Same-Sex Marriages in the 21st Century

The American attitudes towards same-sex marriage in the 21st century have become more complex and contentious with sever...

80 views 4 pages ~ 908 words
The Deterioration of Marriage in the American Society

The rate at which marriage as an institution is deteriorating in the American society is devastating and has therefore p...

279 views 2 pages ~ 361 words
Same-sex Marriage and the Constitution

One of the most controversial debates in the contemporary world is gay and lesbian (same-sex) marriage. Traditionally, s...

173 views 4 pages ~ 937 words
Causes of Divorce

In the past, the society considered the institution of marriage with the same respect accorded to religious practices. I...

96 views 4 pages ~ 1008 words
Marriage and Family in the Future

Over the years, marriage has seen as a rite of passage for every individual in society. Recently, in the current world, ...

222 views 2 pages ~ 404 words
Marriage Minimum Age in Maryland

In every aspect of our existence, laws play a significant and constant role. In this essay, we examine marriage in gener...

165 views 7 pages ~ 1910 words
About Parental Consent for Marriage Essay

Western nations have long practiced the deed of letting people pick their spouses. It was thought that letting someone m...

229 views 3 pages ~ 782 words
Re Marriage of Olson Essay

In this instance, a spouse appealed the dissolution decision in an effort to reduce the amount of support he was require...

194 views 2 pages ~ 339 words
Evaluating the marriage, family, and home life of the Malayali People in Kerala India

Assessing the Malayali people's marriage, families, and homes in Kerala, India; how that culture has evolved and withsto...

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