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One of the most controversial topics that college students find hard is writing a Middle East essay. The reason for that is the complexity of the region and the ethical aspects that must be provided in every essay. Luckily, you should not worry because we have Middle East essays that will help you as you learn and compose your assignment. These samples are unique real-life papers that are dealing with the Middle East through the lens of various courses and subjects. If you find something that is close to your task, use these essays on the Middle East for your outline as you write down the facts. Do not forget to check every Bibliography for good sources to see whether you can find something useful.

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182 views 11 pages ~ 2771 words
The Effects of a Rift Between Canada and Saudi Arabia on Global Business, Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility

The diplomatic spat between two nations might appear political at the beginning, but the constant Canada-Saudi Arabia sq...

91 views 18 pages ~ 4856 words
Reasons for Issues Experienced with Corporate Governance in Arabia's Insurance Market

Corporate governance in listed Saudi insurance has been an issue of concern and has been analysed by scholars over the y...

176 views 16 pages ~ 4356 words
Allianz and Bupa in Saudi Arabia

1.1 Preamble Specific attention to the need for corporate governance (CG) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) increased...

297 views 5 pages ~ 1297 words
Dubai Culture: United Arab Emirates

Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates culture rooted in the Arab and Islamic traditions. Since most of the Emirat...

72 views 3 pages ~ 563 words
The Middle East and Slavery

Slavery can be defined as a system where principles associated with property laws are applied. In slavery, these laws ar...

230 views 2 pages ~ 322 words
The Deuteronomistic History

The deuteronomistic history involves the speeches as well as the sermons that were given by Moses to the Israelites. In ...

89 views 7 pages ~ 1811 words
Hammurabi's Code of Laws

“Code of Hammurabi,” which is the primary source, is a law-related documentary that described rules and regulations in a...

97 views 6 pages ~ 1385 words
The Theban Western Desert

The discovery of the Theban Western Desert during the time of the Theban expansion opens up new frontiers to historic an...

216 views 2 pages ~ 314 words
Human Resource Management Training Needs of Middle Eastern Employees

Human resource management is one of the most crucial aspects of every organization based its function of ensuring proper...

259 views 2 pages ~ 362 words
The Impact of U.S Sanctions on Iran's Economy

There exist sharp differences on the political approach of the United States on the best methods of achieving the object...

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