The Contribution of Confucius and Kong Fuzi to China

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The chapters of the course book introduced the reader to historical events that are critical in understanding the growth and advancement of the world. Some of the strengths of the information gained from the book include the origin of writing and the contribution of Confucius to China. The limitation of these chapters includes challenges with understanding the process of civilization and carbon-4 dating. 

            The assertion that writing originated approximately 5000 years ago is interesting considering the fact that writing was a key contributor to civilization. Without writing, the world would not have advanced in many areas. It is as a result of its importance that it took long for the ancient man to use writing as a mode of communication. The contribution of Kong Fuzi also referred to as Confucius is critical in understanding China’s current political structure. He is the one that fostered for social and political order that influenced the growth of China. The assertion that Confucius refused to compromise his thinking and beliefs for political gains, demonstrates the challenges many countries experience today. Unlike Fuzi, the current leaders focus on their political gains despite knowing their beliefs are wrong.

            However, there some limitations in the read chapters that leaves the reader with some questions marks. For instance, the determination of ancient being’s age through carbon-4 dating. Although the study indicated that carbon leaves a fossil at a specific period, understanding the chemistry behind the loss of that carbon is not easy. One could wish to know the factors that influence the peel of carbon in a fossil after an exact period. Likewise, the issue civilization is associated with many questions. In reference to evolution and migration, studies indicate that environmental factors contribute significantly to the survival of living things. Based on this, it is hard to understand how the Homo sapiens managed to move with domestic animals across Africa, Europe as well as Asia without their demise.  

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November 13, 2023

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