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73 views 1 pages ~ 270 words
The summary of the article is google making us stupid?

Is Google causing us to be stupid? According to Nicholas Carr, the internet is transforming the way we read and the amou...

113 views 3 pages ~ 660 words
Watching-As-Knowing Vs. Reading-As-Knowing

Neil Postman's book "Amusing Ourselves to Death" assesses the effectiveness of the use of print and visual media. The bo...

158 views 4 pages ~ 871 words
The 5 Love Languages book review

I have learned and read a great deal from people who have read Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages, a fact which has prom...

67 views 7 pages ~ 1888 words
Evaluating your sources.

It is necessary to use references in an article while collecting ideas and facts to help validate a case and show the wr...

98 views 2 pages ~ 479 words
Plagiarism or not?

In their analysis of 2006, Hermann, Kappe F., et al describe plagiarism in an essay entitled Plagiarism-A...

83 views 2 pages ~ 543 words
Being an English major

As an English major, I've learned to enjoy the peaceful but energizing, the moment when I interact with an author's idea...

155 views 3 pages ~ 607 words
Jonathan Edwards versus Benjamin Franklin

Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin were both determined, self-sacrificing, and voracious readers throughout the earl...

290 views 2 pages ~ 451 words
Distant and Close Reading of Jane Eyre

Voyant is an online text analysis tool that uses an uploaded corpus of text to generate graphs, contextual charts, bubbl...

91 views 3 pages ~ 639 words
The Bhagarad- Gita poem

The Bhagavad- Gita poem is one of those poems that entices and makes the reader skeptical to continue reading to find ou...

95 views 4 pages ~ 827 words
The Character change of Connie due to family conflicts

Connie is a female character in 'Where Are You Going?' who is portrayed throughout as a beautiful rebellious adolescent ...

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