Analysis of Three Books

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People have different views, especially when reading an article or book. His depends on what they will understand from the contents. This paper will look at three different books and give an opinion while addressing the central theme.

The first book is Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Ross which is an eye-opener because it explains why people love the three things so much, and the food industry has managed to pack their food products with all the ingredients. The content of the book is well researched because it confirms that it is not the fault of the food industry but the fault of the consumers. The research is interesting, but the statistics are shocking that it makes a person want to eat healthier. The author also confirms that marketing that is smart ruin the foods that is prepared at home. The content was easy to understand because of the clear explanations. For instance, the author states that the food industry can have salt, sugar, and fat, but the consumers have the power of making choices because they are the ones that make decisions on what to buy and how much to eat.  The content made me feel that I have been consuming food that is not healthy.  There were some gaps in the content that needs to be filled because the attack on fat is generalized considering that there are naturals fats contained in cheese and red meat. I would recommend the content to others so that they will start watching their intake regarding sugar, salt, and fat. They will be able to understand how our bodies react to the three ingredients and how they have been powering the food that we take. The content was able to keep my attention because of the explanations of the formulation of junk food that is addictive, and they are not put in food accidentally but after they made perfect by scientists.

The second book is Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan which is a guide on food production in America that traces food chains from being seeds to food on the table. The content was researched well because the author argues with the nature of supermarkets and the link to the production of food. The research is on where food comes from, what it is made of, the production process and the discoveries of the food industry. The content was easy to understand because of the explanations are given on dietary trends, the origins of what people eat, and the effects of choices of food on health and the environment. The content of the food made me feel that there is a change in the food industry and the current industry is trying to satisfy the needs of the growing population. This is why the design of the industrial food production is in a way that people view it as the best while the consumers lack the knowledge that the intake is of genetically modified food. There are no holes that can be filled in the content because the author gave detailed explanations on all the issues. I would recommend this book to others so that people will be aware of the eating disorder existing in the country, how it started and the impact it has on the world. Through this, people will change their eating habits and start living healthier lives. The content was able to keep my attention because of the combination of sociology, history, and scientific aspects in the explanations.

The last book is Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra that gives guidelines on how a person can reduce stress, improve sleep patterns and digestion, increase energy, and create daily nutrition that is optimal, and weight control that is sustainable. The content is credible and well researched because it concentrates on Ayurveda which is a healing system that has been used in India for more than 5,000 years. The material was easy to understand because the book provides a step-by-step guide of mind-body medicines that aims to help an individual. The content made me feel that I have not been doing enough practice. I was able to notice this after filling the questionnaire on the body type that I fall into, and it made sense. I also feel that I now know the things that I need to do physically to stay healthy. There are no gaps in the books that need to be filled because of the detailed explanations offered. The knowledge provided on the connection of the mind and the body is interesting. I will recommend this book to others, especially the ones under medication so that they can to learn how to balance their mind and body. The book is one of the most excellent books that a person needs to start with when reading about health because it explains all the things in details. The book was able to keep my attention through the way that the author looked at health which is interesting because most of the things talked about in the book apply to real life.

August 14, 2023




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