An Empirical Study of Spiritual Assessment Tools in American Healthcare

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The Systematic Review

The paper describes a systematic review, which is a critical assessment and evaluation of various literature that addresses a particular issue in healthcare. In this perspective, Cadge & Bandini (2015) employs the use of organized method where they pinpoint, gather and assess a literature on a specific topic, which in this case is an advancement of spiritual valuation tools in healthcare (Cadge & Bandini, 2015). Thus, the study sightsees the spiritual assessment tool history that places religion in American healthcare. The study has used other studies to cement the information related to the selected topic of research. Therefore, it would be inarguable to indicate that Cadge & Bandini (2015) uses type of literature review, which collects and provides an analysis of various research studies related to the topic at hand. In relation to whether it is a qualitative or quantitative, the study does not incorporate numerical data in the research and thus it irrefutably a qualitative systematic review.

What is an empirical study?

An empirical study unlike other studies, it is grounded on the observed and measured phenomenon where it derives its knowledge from exact experience rather than a theoretical explanation of information. There are various ways through which empirical studies can be identified. Some of the key features in an empirical research include a specific research questions that are to be answered, there are various definition that is studied as well as a description of the process that is used in the study. Other scholarly research journals use empirical study by organizing the work including the following components; introduction, methodology, results and discussion


Cadge, W., & Bandini, J. (2015). The evolution of spiritual assessment tools in healthcare. Society, 52(5), 430-437.

October 13, 2023


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