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194 views 5 pages ~ 1201 words
The Impact of Judaism on the Greek Empire

The Jews have been in Greece since the 4th Century BCE, and their presence had a lot of influence on different aspects o...

279 views 2 pages ~ 514 words
Belief Systems in Monolithic Religions

Judaism, unlike Christianity and Islam, focuses less stress on dogma. The Jews are expected to follow norms aimed at reg...

253 views 3 pages ~ 648 words
Moses’ Succession and Death

The tale of Joshua succeeding Moses is found in Deuteronomy 31, 32, and 34. Moses encountered multiple conflicts with Go...

237 views 3 pages ~ 652 words
The book of Leviticus chapter 16

The Day of Atonement, or Yom Kippur as it is known to Hebrews, is described in the book of Leviticus chapter 16 as being...

71 views 5 pages ~ 1245 words
Secular Judaism

The majority of people think of Judaism as a natural kind of religion. Judaism, however, can be summed up as all of the ...

125 views 3 pages ~ 636 words
Shema and Deuteronomy

The first words of a section of the Torah are Sh'ma Yisreal, which is Hebrew for "Hear, O Israel." This name, which can ...

160 views 3 pages ~ 732 words
The universe’s origin in Genesis 1-3

The Bible provides a precise account of the creation of the cosmos and all things that are found in it, which is where t...

194 views 8 pages ~ 2118 words
Jews and Judaism

Anyone who has undergone a formal conversion to Judaism or whose mother or father were Jews is considered to be a Jew. J...

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