Engaging God's World: Reconciling the Christian Faith with Rational Thought

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In his book titled Engaging God’s World, Cornelius Plantinga addresses various doctrines such as creation, the fall, and redemption among others in the kingdom of God. Starting with the aspect of creation that displays God’s inventiveness and love, the author further provides valuable insights into reconciling the Christian faith with rational thought. With plenty of scriptures that serve as references to his point of view, Plantinga appeals to Christian living and discipleship in the university.


It seems that the author seeks to capture the attention of students entering a university, but also Engaging God’s World is useful for Christians at every stage of life. In essence, the book serves as a helpful resource that plays a vital role in understanding the academic task for a student with a Christian worldview. The author provides valuable insights that instruct the Christian students on how to use faith-filled learning in the service of God.


Plantinga retells Bible's story in a way that invites the reader to reflect on the impact of the Christian worldview in their life. In an attempt to encourage and motivate students and scholars, the author notes that it is spiritual learning that attaches people to God (Plantinga, 2002). As such, this book can be recommended to any individual who is about to start learning; also, it offers a unique perspective for knowing and developing a thoroughly Christian worldview.


Essentially, Engaging God’s World outlines a Reformed perspective of the Christian faith in higher education. The author focuses on the aspects of creation, the fall of human beings and redemption. Using numerous Scriptures and other Reformed references, Plantinga urges (2002) Christian students to be a light for the kingdom of God in individual lives. It is evident he provides a strong foundation for them in the areas of skill, virtue, and knowledge. The fact that it is written in a simple language with the use of illustrative concepts makes it ideal for students.


By quoting Scriptures and other Reformed writers such as philosophers from both the secular and Christian sector, Plantinga explains how academics fit with God’s plan. To achieve this, Christian students should incorporate their beliefs while undertaking their education, instead of straining to separate the two aspects. Although the book is less relevant in other contexts, it provides valuable insights on how to develop abilities that will help serve in any place to the glory and pleasure of God.


Plantinga, C. (2002). Engaging God's world: A Christian vision of faith, learning, and living. Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing.

December 12, 2023


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