The Creation Story of the Indigenous People and the Biblical Story

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The Creation Stories and Their Effects on Society

The creation stories have effects on society. The biblical story is told in a serious tone which makes it more believable to the human race. It influences how they view the world. It has a grand ruler, God, who they believe they should follow. The indigenous story does not point out a supreme ruler who should be followed. It, therefore, creates a sense of equality between the animals and contributes to the unity of creating a beautiful world from nothing. However, in the biblical creation story, it started the other way round, Adam and Eve were given a perfect society to live in till they ruined it by sinning and headed to a cruel world.

The Relevance of the Biblical Story to the Real World

The biblical story relates to the real world. The lack of forgiveness of Adam and Eve’s sin which led to a lot of negativity in the world reflects on how humans view the world. “Am I suggesting that the... hierarchical nature of western religion... has fostered... egotism and self- interest?” (26) Things today would be different if the story ended in a positive view. The humans are made to learn through failure. All the generations after are entitled to survive in a broken world full of wars between what is good and what is bad. It ended up with a worldview of human judgment according to set laws. According to the indigenous creation story, unity is only lost once and is fixed and forgiven by the humans. The shared act of creation by all leads to a complex, diverse, and a complete world. The native’s worldview is balanced, special, highly valued and more important than accessing good versus evil.

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August 21, 2023

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