Mustang and Y Tu Mama Tambien

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The Life and Impact of Film in Society

The life and events of individuals from a certain country are portrayed or highlighted in film and other forms of media. The protagonists in the film frequently emulate the culture and way of life of the people in the nation where the story is situated. The movie's characters are expected to behave in line with the circumstances of the story's location. The film industry has contributed significantly over the years by providing entertainment and aiding in the awareness-raising of numerous social ills. Through movies, people learn the different ways to communicate issues facing society and factors affecting the success of society. The development of the film industry has been traced back to centuries ago when people used to watch plays in open theaters. Different movie settings thus portray different actions. The two movies in the paper are drawn from two continents and countries with contrasting cultural practices. The movie Mustang is from France which is located in Europe while the movie Y Tu Mama Tambien is from Mexico. The two countries speak different languages which highlight a major disparity in the characters and habitual patterns traced in the movie. The people of France speak the French language while the people of Mexico speak Spanish.

Film Structure

The movie Mustang highlights the plight of the girl child in society and the existence of major challenges related to the girl child in society. In the movie, the writer bases on five girls who are orphans staying with a guardian. The five girls at some point are seen playing with boys on the beach which leads them to be confined in the house. While in confinement, their guardian arranges for them to be married to people that they do not consent. The movie, therefore, is themed to cover issues that girls go through in society such as being denied freedom, being married off against their will, and issues related to death as they are orphans.

The movie Y Tu Mama Tambien, on the other hand, is mainly based on the Mexican context that highlights the morass on which the society is based. The movie epitomizes the negative activities that youth engage in such as sex, relationships, and dangerous fun activities. The movie settings involve two young men and older women who set off on the road with the urge to gain adventure and have fun while on the road. The three make various stops in different towns where they get to engage in different fun activities that they presume to be fun. The movie thus provides insight into the mind of a Mexican teenager and the things that they like to do for the sake of fun.


In both movies, the use of motion pictures has been used to depict action and different trends. The use of cinematography as used in the movie presents a captivating scenario that helps to keep the audience entertained. The use of light, costume, and music has been used to support cinematography by improving the attractiveness of the movie. The characters of the movie as used apply satirical language to communicate the message used by individuals. The use of cinematography also refers to the essence of movie techniques used in the two movies. The movie Y Tu Mama Tambien has been cast in different locations and portrays the three main characters doing different activities which bring out the idea of adventure and entertainment. The three characters appear to be close to each other and also seek to do new things. The movie thus presents an anticipatory mood that makes the view eagerly wait for what the two characters will do next. Mustang, on the other hand, being a tale of five girls presents the viewer with different varied alternatives to create the contrast that viewers remain hooked to the story.


The design of the two movies shows individuals who are straightforward, entertained, and calm about issues they are facing. The design of both movies supports the theme and cultural influence of the movies (Prince, 2014). For instance, the stereotypic belief that the French people are overly romantic is also depicted in the movie as the five girls are shown playing on the beach with boys. However, the movie applies the use of contrast to show the negative side of the culture through the arranged marriage that the girl's guardian oversees. The two movies hence are varied in character and behavior but apply similar designs to communicate their message and keep their audience entertained. There is also a sequential flow in the events taking place in the two movies which apply to show meaning to a few issues that are going on in the movie.

Editing and Acting

The editing and acting shown in the two movies show the key parts that the editor wanted to be seen. The characters in the movie have been directed to act while portraying different moods, behavior, and habits according to what is going on. An example of this in the movie Mustang is shown through a contrast of two scenes which include one situation where they are happy on the beach and another when they are unhappy while confined in the house. The movie Y Tu Mama Tambien also shows how actors react to different issues and how happy they look when socializing and doing things that they are intrigued with in the movie.


The use of sound is critical in a movie. The two movies use both soft sounds and the use of trembling soundtracks to show the mood and setting of the scene. Throughout the two movies, there is the use of sound to present a certain theme. For instance, soft sounds are used to cover happy moments, trembling sounds that are high-pitched show fear and sadness while the very loud music shown in Y Tu Mama Tambien shows happy people having an adventure.

Genre and Visual Effects

The genre is mainly shown through the visual effects such as the costume of the actors. The genre of the movie Mustang mainly focuses on the plight of the girl child. The environmental changes and habits that are shown in the movie appear to portray suffering and sadness. The visual effects used in Y Tu Mama Tambien show that the three are young, close to each other, and out to seek adventure. This is shown through their body movement, appearance, cast, and presentation among other issues. The appearance of different individuals hence reveals the focus of the activities that they are doing. There are different facial expressions also used in the two movies to show the character of the individuals. The changes support the genre as they help to bring out the major focus of the movie.


To summarize, the two movies Mustang and Y Tu Mama Tambien present two contrasting societies and cultural habits that epitomize the culture and way of life of both Mexico and France. The two movies provide a detailed account of the issues and factors surrounding the development of a movie such as filmography, cinematography, design, editing, and the use of different instruments to communicate a message. The use of light and sound has been applied to show different ideas such as the mood, the behavior one is on, and the character of a person. The mood of an incident is also portrayed through the theme applied in the two movies. For instance, the movie Mustang depicts the suffering of girls in the French community and the stereotypic beliefs that surround the girl child in the community. Simply because the five girls are seen playing with boys on the beach, their guardians presume that they are doing something wrong. The Mexican movie Y Tu Mama Tambien shows the impact of excessive freedom on the youth and how it can change the life of an individual. Through the movie analysis, it appears that the movies vary based on their setting. The two hence portray two contrasting settings given the disparities in language and cultural influence of the French and Spanish language. All in all, despite the theme focus and varied scenes both movies apply the use of styles such as satire to offer entertainment.


Prince, S. (2014). Movies and meaning: An introduction to film. Harlow Essex: Pearson.

April 06, 2023

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