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231 views 4 pages ~ 1001 words
Effects of Loneliness and Social Isolation on Human Health

Because the impacts of loneliness and social isolation can affect everyone, the information presented through this prese...

213 views 2 pages ~ 373 words
psychosocial aspects facing the elderly veteran population in the 21stcentury-loneliness

Loneliness is one of the most common psychosocial issues confronting the older veteran community in the twenty-first cen...

246 views 2 pages ~ 342 words
social epidemiology

The relationship between loneliness and depression is one of the strongest links in social epidemiology, with men being ...

92 views 2 pages ~ 354 words
An Integrating Business Perspective

Do you know that loneliness is the main factor contributing to the rise in the number of suicides and depressive episode...

134 views 3 pages ~ 641 words
The Heart of a Woman

Georgia Johnson's poem The Heart of a Woman was published in 1918, and it explores the topics that are important to a wo...

262 views 5 pages ~ 1331 words
Does Social Media Make us Lonely?

The controversy about whether social media has a positive or negative impact on our social interactions will not go away...

136 views 6 pages ~ 1428 words
Social media making us alone

The majority of the people you see are probably bowed against the glimmer of their phones and tablets. They may investig...

185 views 2 pages ~ 322 words
Malls: Designed as Uncomfortable Environments

Shoppers visit malls for a number of reasons. Some people go to a mall with a specific purchase in mind, and others go t...

193 views 5 pages ~ 1262 words
Dealing with Gambling Addiction

According to research, gambling is one of the world's fastest-growing and most profitable markets, and it is more common...

264 views 4 pages ~ 898 words
Difficulties of Dealing with Gambling Addiction

Gambling is one of the world's most lucrative and fastest-growing markets. Angie Bachmann, a housewife who is dissatisfi...

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