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282 views 3 pages ~ 612 words
A mock business proposal

No one sector will address profoundly ingrained social problems on its own. This is why we are looking at genuine relati...

116 views 3 pages ~ 619 words
The Effects of Cyberbullying on Social Media

Cyberbullying has the ability to have an effect on students because it disrupts the instructional process, creates a tox...

81 views 6 pages ~ 1515 words
How Transgender Inmates Live, Treated and Survive in Prison

Vick Thompson, Joanne Latham, and Jenny Swift's deaths in 2015 brought to light the appalling circumstances that transge...

294 views 7 pages ~ 1658 words
Treatments for suicidal people

Suicide remains one of the leading causes of suicide in the world today, owing to the fact that very little is understoo...

678 views 3 pages ~ 1036 words
Thematic Analysis of the Dead Poets Society

The drama movie Dead's Poet Society is based in America published in the year 1989 by Peter Weir while starring Robin Williams...

142 views 9 pages ~ 2455 words
Effects of Bullying

Bullying is a worldwide societal problem that has been studied for over three decades. It has the power to push people t...

233 views 2 pages ~ 323 words
The Controversy Surrounding the Issue of Sexual Homicide

Many times, in the realms of legal jargon, people would say that since there is no known legal meaning for a certain for...

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