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126 views 3 pages ~ 810 words
The Causes of Anxiety Among the Youth Population in the United States

The aim of this literature is to discuss causes of anxiety among the youth population in the United States and the diffe...

236 views 9 pages ~ 2341 words
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) affects people who have experienced dangerous or shocking events. Almost everyone ...

197 views 4 pages ~ 950 words
Suicidal Tendencies and Anxiety

In recent times, and over centuries, the discussion of suicidal rates amongst both young and adult groups have been an u...

123 views 2 pages ~ 319 words
Depression and fretfulness

Depression and anxiety are the most common mental conditions among adolescence, and they frequently co-occur. They are f...

102 views 2 pages ~ 353 words
21-year-old female case study in nursing

EB, a 21-year-old female, appears with fever, anxiety, and a strong cough that has continued for more than seven days. S...

86 views 5 pages ~ 1231 words
interventional strategies to decrease nursing student anxiety

Moscaritolo wanted to investigate answers to the severe demands of clinical education among undergraduate students by in...

150 views 6 pages ~ 1462 words
Separation Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders are conditions that share symptoms of unwarranted panic and anxiety, as well as accompanying behaviora...

76 views 2 pages ~ 352 words
PTSD Vs Anxiety Disorders

PTSD frequently coexists with other anxiety disorders. However, the symptoms of the two illnesses are markedly different...

259 views 7 pages ~ 1660 words
Contrasting and Interpreting - Personality Profile Report

My IPIP NEO PI-R findings show that I have a high level of emotional stability. The national average for neuroticism is ...

178 views 11 pages ~ 2933 words
he Revolutionary Art of Acceptance

Anxiety disorders are on the rise all around the world. Every year, 6.8 million people in the United States are diagnose...

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